On Voice Vote, Senate Approves Unconstitutional Measure

Yesterday, on a voice vote, the Massachusetts Senate passed an unconstitutional bill to limit the ability of citizens to express their first amendment rights.  The bill was passed in record time, with only a few days left on the legislative schedule.  

It is absolutely amazing the lengths Massachusetts politicians, of both parties, will go to ensure as many children as possible are killed by Planned Parenthood.  

It is a sad society that criminalized the activities of those trying to protect children from murder, and elevates those committing the murders.

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    Where do Baker and Polito come down on this???

    Never mind…I already know…

  • It’s about the First Amendment and right of people to speak on public sidewalk … Period.

    The Legislature would not dream of passing legislation that would restrict union thugs from harassing people trying to enter a business they are picketing.  

    But here they are isolating a particular big business … the Billion Dollar Abortion Industry and preventing free speech.

    There should be no restrictions on pickets, let alone people simply trying to talk women entering an abortion clinic.

    Would the legislature, ban Planned Parenthood workers from picketing outside the clinic for better wages? Of course not.

    Then this is clearly about stifling a particular kind of speech.

    9 Supreme Court Justices, 4 if not 5 of them have voted to uphold Roe V Wade, found this sort of restriction to be un-Constitutional…. Even the Obama appointees .. and you can’t get more MOON BAT than THAT…..

    So don’t tell me this is about being pro-choice and getting elected.  It’s about protecting all of our First Amendment rights.

    If someone blocks access to a clinic, then are guilty of disturbing the peace and should be persecuted for it. Just like a union thug should be arrested for impeding my right to walk into the store or establishment of my choosing.

    We don’t need to provide particular laws to protect particular industries.

    And as much as I may like Charlie and Karyn…. they are dead wrong not to take a position against this legislation.

    There is nothing inconsistent with their pro-choice position and protecting our First Amendment Rights.