I am a Blessed Man; Thoughts on Immigration

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I’ll start with a recap of the situation we’re all aware of. We’re being overrun by illegal aliens, and our government  – both state and federal – is pushing them onto us as if it is the duty of Massachusetts or the United States to feed, clothe, and educate the entire planet via the forced extraction of taxes from our population.

Let’s be perfectly clear: There is no humanitarianism in government. Deval Patrick let a teenage girl languish in a Boston hospital, ripped away from her parents, for 16 months. He has a 77 acre property in the Berkshires, absolutely none of which he is pledging to aid this “humanitarian crisis.” Your faith and your values call you to act, Deval? You had better hope St. Peter buys your story, because I don’t. Go chat up your progressive piety somewhere else. It is a shame that your heart is the exact size and shape of my wallet, and if I ever see you in person I intend to shame you myself.

Fortunately, I am a blessed man. Living in Taunton I have two of the best State Representatives one could possibly ask for, and their work on this issue proves it. Most of us followed, and likely attended yesterday’s rally at the State House, for which Shaunna O’Connell was a large part and an able speaker for the cause. Shaunna has been bringing the fight to Beacon Hill on important issues, and has the recognition for it.

There’s a place for rallies, and for palpable, public, overwhelming response. It also needs to be backed by concrete action within the State House, which brings me to Taunton’s other great State Representative, Keiko Orrall. A day before the rally up on Beacon Hill, Sheriff Hodgeson and state legislators, including Keiko and Brad Jones, were busy working up at the State House on the logistics of this problem as it unfolds. Unfortunately the foolishness and harmfulness of Governor Patrick’s approach does not prevent itself from becoming implemented as law.

We need both approaches working together to resolve a problem like the one we are now facing. We also need to recognize that the numerous issues we have with the leadership on Beacon Hill are entirely unhelpful if they lead to an internal rift and poor communication as the two “sides” factionalize. I’m no fan of Brad Jones, and believe we should elect more Republican State Reps this year sufficient to install a different person as caucus leader. However, turning him and his supporters in the State House into Persona(s) Non Grata is not going to build the united front of 54 State Reps we will need to both sustain a veto and push for change on multiple issues at once. This is the disturbing trend I have been seeing boiling beneath the surface at the State House.

We will need both “sides” of the leadership dispute’s methods and supporters in order to be effective starting January 2015. If you’re in the State House and you feel a disconnect with fellow members – especially your neighboring State Reps, you must act now to avoid further factionalization and disarray. It is the ONLY way we are going to stop Deval Patrick OR whoever his successor might be, either in the Corner Office or somewhere else in State Government from violating our sovereignty and robbing us of justice and liberty.

This of all issues should be one that unites us. Everyone should be on board with protecting our sovereignty and demanding trust in federal promises be granted only after real accountability is restored. All of our Republican elected officials, and at least a few Democrats (hopefully), have been working hard on this either inside the state house and / or outside on its steps. Vote for Republicans you think will do the same in the primaries and the general.

If we do not give them the power to change Beacon Hill, Beacon Hill will remain a hostile aggressor against justice, sovereignty, and liberty. Yesterday we marched. Tomorrow we MUST vote!

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