The probation trial jury has returned a verdict in all of the counts.. And on some of the counts all three of the defendants are guilty as charged.  

Milton Valencia at the Boston Globe has the best ongoing roundup.…

It is now time for Carmen Ortiz to do the right thing and give Bob DeLeo a chance to defend himself, in a court of law.  Throw the book at him Carmen, throw the book!

MORE The Boston Globe has more.

John J. O’Brien, the disgraced former Probation commissioner accused of corruption, and his top aide, Elizabeth Tavares, were convicted today of mail fraud and racketeering by a US District Court jury, which found that he ran his department like a criminal enterprise.

The third former probation official on trial, William Burke III, was acquitted of mail fraud by the jury that deliberated for 52 hours over seven days before reaching its unanimous verdict today.

The jury found that O’Brien and Tavares committed fraud and racketeering by hijacking their department’s hiring process to favor candidates who were sponsored by state legislators.

More from an updated Valencia Story:

Another third former official, William Burke III, was convicted of racketeering conspiracy but acquitted of mail fraud and racketeering.

All three, Guilty.

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