Deval Patrick Equates Honduras to Nazi Germany

Deval Patrick likened Central American countries to Nazi Germany yesterday. Saying not helping, and sending back illegal immigrant children is like sending jews back to the gas chambers.   No really, he did.

Governor Deval Patrick on Wednesday said he wanted to find a way for Massachusetts to help alleviate the crisis of children seeking to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, avoiding the type of feud with the White House into which other governors have been drawn, and invoking powerful imagery as his motivation.

“My inclination is to remember what happened when a shipful of Jewish children tried to come to the United States in 1939 and the United States turned them away, and many of them went to their deaths in Nazi concentration camps,” Patrick said when a reporter asked how he viewed the border crisis. “I think we are a bigger-hearted people than that as Americans, and certainly as residents of Massachusetts.”

He added, “Now getting from there to a practical solution, I have not done yet. I’m trying to think that through.”

That is the problem with Deval Patrick and Barack Obama they see evil in their fellow citizen’s eyes. Every time they disagree with them.

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