Brad Jones Laments DeLeo’s Loss of “Reputation” Over Probation Trial

Yesterday, in closing arguments, federal prosecutors named Democratic Speaker of the House Bob DeLeo as an unindicted co-conspirator in a bribery scheme for public jobs.  This came in closing arguments of the months long probation trial at the federal court house on Fan Pier in South Boston.  

The Boston Globe wrote a story about lawmakers who lamented the prosecution’s descriptions of DeLeo.  Those lamenting the poor treatment of Mr. Speaker, include DeLeo’s chief Republican lieutenant Minority Leader Brad Jones (R-Reading).

Representative Bradley H. Jones Jr., the House Republican leader, said the trial’s depiction of insiders trading jobs for votes has been “a huge demonstration of the shortcomings of one-party government.”

Yet he refrained from attacking his Democratic rival personally, pointing out that prosecutors have not charged DeLeo with any crime. “The old saying is, ‘Where do you go to get your reputation back?’ ” Jones said.

That’s right, the supposed leader of the opposition, who in reality is just another park of DeLeo’s leadership team, basically defended the actions of the Speaker.  

By doing so he removed one of the strongest attacks Republican candidates have against the corrupt Democratic majority.  Once again foiling the electoral prospects of the party he purports to be a leader of.

It is time that we change Beacon Hill.  That begins with the resignation, or replacement of Brad Jones as the majority protecting Minority Leader.  

Call your members of the State Committee and ask them to publicly call for Jones resignation.  Without it, we will remain a minority party in perpetuity.  

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