Twitter Feed from SC Meeting

Tonight’s GOP State Committee Meeting promises to be a barn burner. I will be on vacation starting tomorrow and doing some last minute things to get ready.  But there are people there, including Paul Ferro, and Michael Cowett who are tweeting. Here are their tweets.

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  • Paul,

    Thank you for doing this SuperMan.

    The MessGOP is interesting, but limited in effectiveness.

    Question for the night:

    After they’ve spent 4 hours crapping on one another for doing nothing (and for allowing a FORMER MassGOP disgraced lawyer to sit on state all day at the Convention, when he was no longer representing the MassGOP, but rather, the BAKER campaign, and AFTER they disclose how a certain MassGOP state committeewoman, and her MOTHER got paid by the MessGOP and by the BAKER campaign, and for the exact same amounts….and all that controversy which has been hidden to date…), how much tie do you think they’ll spend rallying the troops to support the 12 primary races?  

    I say, they don’t even mention candidates.

    What says you?   2 minutes? 12 minutes? 11 seconds?

    Just like the convention: they had 3 imminent special elections, and they didn’t even introduce the candidates…

  • on the PhotoShop photo of you superman….

    Glad to see it again…

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I could watch these guys Tweet about the GOP State Committee meeting – Or – I could drink cold beer on the hottest night of the year.  

    See Ya!

  • Feel free to check out the JUNE edition of The Boston Broadside.

    No fear. No favoritism.

    Great article on Jones…actually, a couple of great articles…..

    RedMassGroup is prominent in the upcoming July edition.

    Praise to RedMass for all you do..

    forgive my typing on this small device……

  • …constant motions to adjourn.  I get some of it was probably a delay tactic to fend off some motions but geeezh, I had an 1:15+ drive myself but if you really have to leave… just leave.  You’re not shackled to the chair and the doors aren’t locked.  We meet once a quarter, expect to stay late to conduct & finish business.

    Otherwise, a little less contentious than I expected.

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

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