“The Republican Revolution is underway. Maybe.”

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Today the Boston Globe did a piece call “The Republican Revolution is underway. Maybe.” One line from the piece is extremely telling, “…in the House, the Republican conference is sufficiently divided that the Democratic speaker calls the Republican leader to empathize about the more rambunctious members of the minority faction.”

This is exactly what is wrong with the MA GOP today. The Republican Leader Brad Jones is so locked in with the speaker of the house that he would rather sit on his hand for roll call votes that would be bad for the Democrats than stand with members of his caucus who want to challenge the Democrats for the benefit of the GOP candidates running for office.

On June 19th, State House News reported: “Speaker DeLeo stepped up to the rostrum again and addressed the interns. He said, It’s just that easy. Paul Donato takes over and it just gets done. Republicans agree to everything.”

The fact that Jones is an extension of Deleo’s leadership team is the worst kept secret on Beacon Hill.  It’s so bad, they’re no longer pretending that it’s false!  If fact, the Attleboro times several weeks ago ran an article in which members of the GOP leadership proudly admitted they give in on broad principles in exchange for essentially getting a gazebo in their district.

The globe concluded the article perfectly; “But if the Republican Party’s heart is to beat again in Massachusetts at any healthy frequency, the resuscitation is better coming from the bottom up, rather than the top down.”

My friends, we are the revolution. You are the revolution. Together…

We must change Beacon Hill in 2014

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