SANDWICH – Dan Shores, Republican candidate for Congress in the Massachusetts 9th Congressional District, issued the following statement today regarding the failures of President Barack Obama and Congressman Bill Keating, including Mr. Obama’s unconstitutional actions:

“As someone from a farming family, the old adage that “you reap what you sow” seems fitting to the numerous crises affecting our nation today. The VA disgrace, Iraq/ISIS crisis, Ukrainian invasion, IRS abuse, Bergdahl exchange, immigration crisis, unconscionable growth in the national debt, and now 2.9% economic contraction did not just crop up out of nowhere. These problems are the direct result of decisions that were made by the President and his administration months and years ago. These are self-inflicted wounds coming as a result of poor leadership. Some folks I have spoken with on the campaign trail are questioning whether this is an issue of competence or intent. I reserve judgment at this time, but neither answer is good.

Meanwhile, Speaker Boehner is finally flexing some muscle and announcing his plans to file suit against President Obama for repeatedly exceeding his Constitutional authority with executive actions (i.e., the power of Mr. Obama’s “phone” and “pen”). I support the Speaker’s efforts to check the President, who has repeatedly and flagrantly exceeded the scope of his powers under the Constitution. There will be legal questions concerning whether the Speaker/Congress has standing to sue, but we need to confront this Constitutional crisis now to check Mr. Obama and to set precedent on the scope of a President’s power going forward in our Republic. It is my hope the Supreme Court, who has the authority to say what the law is under the Constitution, will have the ability to weigh in on this issue very soon either through the Speaker’s lawsuit, or some other means.

It’s bad enough that we have a President who has made unilateral and unconstitutional decisions that are systematically destroying our prosperity and the prosperity for our kids and grandkids. But, those of us in the Ninth Congressional District have the added burden of a Congressman who supports the President’s damaging agenda time and time again. Mr. Keating is simply a rubber stamp to the President. “Full stop.” Mr. Keating’s record demonstrates that he consistently puts the interests of his political party and his own political future ahead of the interests of our future generations and the people he is sworn to represent. We need and deserve a new Congressman in Washington, D.C. who will make decisions that will set us on a path to achieve prosperity for our future generations, so that they will inherit a free and prosperous America, not resembling the America Mr. Keating has planned for them. That is why I am running for Congress this year and what I pledge to do if elected.”

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