Soo Wee! House Taking Up Pork Laden Environmental Bond Bill

I just had lunch with Representative Jim Lyons, and we were discussing what is happening today on Beacon Hill.  Within the next couple of hours the House is voting on yet another borrowing bill.  This time it is $1.3B for “environmental projects.”  The bond bill includes $260M in pet earmarks, many in the districts of Democrats who need help in their re-elections.

Here’s what Rep. Lyons had to say about the bill on Facebook:

Today on Beacon Hill we are taking up the Environmental Bond Bill. House leadership is borrowing $1.3 Billion to fund pork projects in the districts of Democrats with competitive election races. Over $260 million has been earmarked before the bill even hits the floor and amendments are considered.

Last week it was $1.1 Billion for the Convention Center in Boston. Several weeks before that it was $10 Billion for a Transportation Bond Bill. Democrats continue to raise our taxes and burden future generations with unsustainable debt to fund projects to help reelect themselves.

At the same time that they borrow money for their own pet projects, they refuse to properly fund our local communities. Our local communities struggle to fix our roads, fund our schools, and provide necessary services while they spend $10,000,000 dollars “For the development and support of a regional comprehensive climate change adaptation management plan grant program.”

We must change Beacon Hill in 2014.

Give your representative a call at 617-722-2000 and let them know how you’d like them to vote on this bill.

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