Our Own XL: Might this be an issue the MAGOP could win on?

What if our candidates got out early on this issue? What if Charlie and/or Mark use it to distinguish themselves from the Dems as supporters of the towns and suburbs and the working class over the cities and the elites of the Cambridge and Brookline?


FROM: Boston Globe


Mass. pipeline plan stirs hope and alarm

Natural gas flow would cross state;

Clash on energy, environment

By Erin Ailworth

Globe Staff   June 09, 2014

RICHMOND – A Houston energy company has proposed building a multibillion dollar pipeline that would connect Massachusetts to abundant natural

gas from Eastern shale fields, entering the state through this small town on the New York border and stretching across dozens of municipalities into the Boston metropolitan area.

The proposal, by Kinder Morgan, has the potential to lower – or at least stabilize – what are some of the highest energy costs in the nation by opening up new supplies of cheap, domestic natural gas and expanding a pipeline system that is becoming inadequate . . .




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