McCarthy: Obama Should be Impeached

National Review policy fellow Andrew C. McCarthy‘s new book, Faithless Execution: Building The Political Case For Obama’s Impeachment, will be released tomorrow by Encounter Books & it can be purchased at Amazon.

I’m certainly sympathetic to the idea of Barack Obama being impeached but it ain’t going to happen for the reasons I’ve previously cited. McCarthy, bless his heart, is willing to tilt against the windmills of today’s elite opinion:

Impeachment cases have to be built. Consequently, Faithless Execution tries to show how you would build one against President Obama. I plead seven articles of impeachment, in the manner of a prosecutor structuring an indictment. The articles include the president’s willful refusal to execute the laws faithfully; his usurpation of Congress’s legislative authority and other constitutional powers; his derelictions of duty as commander-in-chief; his fraud on the American people in such debacles as Obamacare, the Benghazi massacre, and the Solyndra farce; the failure to enforce the immigration laws; the Justice Department’s shocking Fast & Furious scandal and its politicization of law-enforcement; and the administration’s willful undermining of our constitutional rights – from the IRS’s targeting of conservatives, to the elevation of sharia blasphemy standards over free speech, to Obamacare’s denial of religious liberty.

The articles are pled, however, with an important caveat: The purpose of illustrating rampant presidential lawlessness is not to show how easy it would be to file articles of impeachment. It is to persuade the public that when a president betrays his basic constitutional obligations, when the laws are not executed faithfully, all of us are threatened.

Why? Because the precedent is then set for this president and all future presidents that even-handed law-enforcement and basic honesty are no longer required. The precedent is set that the law is no longer what the Constitution says, what Congress legislates, or what Courts adjudicate, but what the president decrees. The precedent is set that the vast executive bureaucracy – agencies like the IRS and the Justice Department – can be used as weapons against the president’s political opposition.

When Richard Nixon attempted this sort of thing, on a scale far more modest than what Barack Obama has actually carried out, the public said, “No.”

President Nixon had won reelection in one of the greatest landslides in American history – one that dwarfs President Obama’s comparatively narrow victory in 2012. Yet, this overwhelming political support evaporated in a flash. Once the public focused on presidential lawlessness, all of us – Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, independents and everyday citizens – became convinced that we could not tolerate an administration that flouted the law and repeatedly lied to the nation.

So Faithless Execution is not a call for immediate impeachment. It is an effort to raise public consciousness about the dangers of executive lawlessness.

Sadly, a good chunk of the republic’s citizens are content to turn a blind eye at the fascism that has been slouching through the corridors of power in Washington. Congress’ indifference at the gradual diminishment of its constitutional prerogatives due to the unconstitutional overreach of the Executive Office merely entices Obama & his cronies to push the envelope even further. McCarthy remains more hopeful than me but even he can see what the consequences will be for America if the country remains indifferent towards a constitutional crisis that most people pretend doesn’t exist:

If these three tools – elections, the power of the purse, and impeachment – are not used, that is a political choice the country can make. Faithless Execution simply argues that we should make it with our eyes open. President Obama’s brand of lawlessness is not like what we saw from President (Bill) Clinton. It is an attack on the constitutional framework itself. A decision to do nothing about it is not without consequences.

It would mean the separation of powers that is the key to safeguarding our liberties has been permanently eroded. It would mean the president is no longer accountable for the wrongs that he and his subordinates commit. It would mean the United States of America has been fundamentally transformed: from a nation of laws, to a nation ruled by presidential whim.

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