Lowell High Headmaster Politics With Students and Nancy Pelosi on Government Dime

Earlier today, Lowell (MA) High School Headmaster Brian Martin took part in partisan electoral politics, while on school time.  Martin also allowed students to take part in this partisan activity.  The students took part in a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee event entitled “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds: Women on a Roll.

A concerned Lowell Parent sent Red Mass Group a note saying, “this is a partisan event, since it is funded by the DCCC. School was in session this morning and the head of the school is Tweeting a partisan message identifying Lowell high students.”

Here’s how MassLive.com explained the event.

Pelosi was scheduled to hold a morning event at Middlesex Community College with Massachusetts U.S. Reps. Niki Tsongas, a 3rd District Democrat, and John Tierney, a 6th District Democrat. At 12:15 p.m., she will appear at Roxbury Technology with Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and Democratic U.S. Reps. Tierney, Katherine Clark (MA-5), Michael Capuano (MA-7), and Joe Kennedy (MA-4).

The events are expected to focus on policies affecting women including providing equal pay for equal work, raising the minimum wage, mandating paid sick leave, and providing quality, affordable child care, according to the DCCC.

A memo from DCCC Executive Director Kelly Ward says the national Democratic group plans to launch a campaign with a strong focus on women’s issues leading up to the 2014 midterm elections. This includes having women-led phone banks and events, and specifically targeting women in field campaigns and other get out the vote efforts. Women traditionally vote Democratic at a higher rate than men, so they will be an important constituency for Democrats in an election that is widely expected to favor Republicans.

This event was partisan in every aspect.  Is this the right sort of thing we want government employees, especially educators, attending with students on the public dime?

Headmaster Martin’s office was contacted for comment, but has not returned our request.

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  • Out him on twitter. Out him on Facebook. Out him on herald radio. This crap has to stop and it won’t stop until we make people wish like heck they never did it.

    People should be camping out on his front lawn, throwing rotten food at his family for this.  

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