ISIS Slouches Ominously Towards Bagdad

As US President (& former community organizer) Barack Obama struggles to deal with a foreign policy crisis created (in part) by his own incompetence, radical al Qaeda splinter group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) continues its FOWARD march of death & destruction from Syria to Iraq in the hopes of establishing a new Islamic caliphate.

The reign of terror committed by these Islamofascists have ranged from crucifixion displays to gleefully videotaping the mass murders they commit against anyone whose lives they deem are not worthy of life. Some of the videos – like the one where one of the killers play with a decapitated head – are clearly aimed at English-speaking people to show the group’s contempt of the West. While many Western media outlets like CNN censor the carnage they report, it isn’t hard to find uncensored Hollywood-styled material that ISIS proudly presents to the public both as a form of braggadocio to its supporters & as a propaganda tool to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies in the region.

WARNING TO RMG READERS: If you’re going to watch any of the unfiltered stuff, please be aware that the borderline-pornographic violence on the screen is highly disturbing & is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. Viewer discretion is advised.

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