At the State House, not one smidgen of corruption.

(We have a great candidate running against “see no evil” Gobi for State Senate.  James Ehrhard would appreciate your support.   – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

From  the SHN.

DeLEO OFFERED REPS OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE JOB RECOMMENDATIONS: As chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee in 2007 and 2008, Rep. Robert DeLeo, who is now Speaker of the Massachusetts House, offered the opportunity for two committee members from central Massachusetts to recommend people to positions at a new electronic monitoring facility run by the probation department in Clinton.  Rep. Anne Gobi, a Spencer Democrat, and Robert Rice, a former representative from Gardner, both testified Wednesday that they subsequently voted for DeLeo to become speaker over Rep. John Rogers, though they said the job recommendation offer played no role in that decision or in their votes on state budget items.

And I have a bridge in Brooklyn to see you.

The amount of naivete one would need to have to believe this story is astounding.  

As a former State Rep, I find patronage a leftover relic of an era that we should have grown out of a long time ago. It’s time the citizen’s of Massachusetts demand that public employees be the most qualified person for their position, not get hired based on who they donated to or whose ring they kissed.

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