Grossman wins Nomination at the Democratic Convention

On Saturday Democrats from across the state gathered in Worcester, Massachusetts for the 2014 Democratic Convention. There they nominated candidates for treasurer, Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor. Despite several polls showing Coakley with a double-digit lead over Steve Grossman, that wasn’t the case on Saturday. 4609 Delegates participated in the voting process that eliminated two candidates for governor, and shocked many people across the state. Grossman came out on top with the Democratic nomination for governor earning 35% of the vote. In second place securing a spot on the ballot in September’s primaries was Attorney General Martha Coakley with 23%, and close behind her in third was Don Berwick with 22%. When Coakley was asked what it means if she doesn’t get the party nomination, she replied; “These conventions are meant to energize democrats, and to see who gets on the ballot, really no more or less than that… Its not a question of winning or losing…Everyone wins if you get on the ballot, and I intend to do that” Both Kayyem and Avellone failed to get the 15% to qualify for the ballot. The biggest question is whether of not they will put their support behind another candidate, and if so, who? Kayyem was in 4th with 12.1% of the vote. Less than 3% from qualifying. Avellone fell last with only 7%. The Attorney General’s Race was even closer. With only two candidates running, both received enough support to make the ballot. Tolman, one of two democratic attorney general candidates opened up his speech with a comical presentation getting a dig at Rush Limbaugh. He won the party’s nomination with 2,254 votes. Maura Healey, his opponent, came in close second with 2,094 votes, and a strong showing of supporters. Its too soon in the election season to make a prediction on who will come out on top in September, but one thing we do know is that both races are going to be incredibly close.

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