Common Core Forum Emails MA School Committee Members

Dear Massachusetts School Committee Member:  

MASC’s legal counsel Stephen J. Finnegan has determined that It is the right and responsibility of elected School Committees to decide whether to use MCAS or PARCC for the next school year. Contrary to what we have heard from state officials, superintendents and proponents of PARCC and Common Core, it is NOT the State Board of Education, local Superintendents, or the Commissioner of Education’s decision, but rather

the local school committee’s decision.

See the full text of Counsel Finnegan’s opinion

We strongly URGE you to continue with MCAS, as is happening in a growing list of diverse communities such as Peabody, Cambridge and Uxbridge, MA. We also urge you to vote for MCAS tests based on our

pre-2010 standards. Elected School Committees are beginning to understand that the quality of MCAS when it was based on the PRE-2010 Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks was the measure for other states to emulate.

It is no accident that the Educational Reform Act of 1993 had been working in our state and we urge you to reject PARCC/Common Core and work with us to roll-back this latest attempt to nationalize education policy. The proposed PARCC exam is a serious unfunded mandate placed upon our localities at a time when overall local aid has been reduced. There are many entities benefiting from this recent move to CCSS, including technology, publishing and testing organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft, Apple and Pearson.

PARCC and other new Common Core aligned exams are being rushed into operation without proper time and research. Please reconsider using the precious time and efforts of the children of our Commonwealth to test an exam that is no longer inevitable. The PARCC consortium now only has 9

states plus the District of Columbia utilizing the PARCC exam.

Ask yourself why so many states have left the consortium and if it is worth your district’s time to field test an exam that is controlled by many other states besides Massachusetts. Continuing with MCAS means we have greater control

and power over the quality, structure and substance of the exam. Voting to utilize PARCC supports transitioning control and direction of the measurement of our children to organizations and individuals who are not in Massachusetts.

Finally, the recent election of Barbara Mandeloni as President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, who is an outspoken opponent of

Common Core and PARCC, is an indicator of the teachers’ objections to the recent changes occurring in Massachusetts.

We sincerely thank you for your service to the children of the Commonwealth and encourage you to visit our website, Facebook page or Twitter for more information about PARCC and Common Core:

Facebook – Common Core Forum


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