Charlie Baker’s Position on DeLeo’s Gun Bill Troubling

Last week House Speaker Robert DeLeo (D-Winthrop) introduced, what has been called, a set of the most stringent restrictions on second amendment freedoms in the nation.  Here’s how the Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts has described the bill:

“When the Legislature passed the 1998 Gun Control Act (Chapter 180 of the Acts of 1998), it explicitly went after lawful gun owners,” said Jim Wallace, Executive Director of GOAL. “In the 16 years since its passage, we’ve reduced licensed gun owners by 80% and gun crime has tripled in Massachusetts,” “We had great hopes of seeing legislation that we could support from the start – and sadly that is not the case. GOAL wants legislation that will end the persecution and stigmatization of lawful gun owners, give law enforcement effective tools to prosecute criminals and offer solutions to the growing mental health crisis. Instead what we have been handed amounts to Chapter 180, Part II.”

Wallace detailed GOAL’s support for certain parts of the legislation including:

·      Delivering mental health adjudications to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)

·      Heightening punishments for criminals that traffic illegal guns

“GOAL can support measures that stop criminals and the mentally ill from obtaining firearms – because these people are the root cause of gun violence,” said Wallace.   “We will not support legislation that places further burdens on lawful gun owners and expands an already corrupt system. GOAL will fight any attempt to further stigmatize the Commonwealth’s lawful gun owners.”  

This bill is a direct assault on your second amendment rights.  It would be great if Charlie Baker’s public statement on the legislation would be stronger.

“I’m encouraged that the legislation seeks to keep guns out of the

hands of violent people like domestic abusers, ensures the state more

closely monitors those who may be mentally ill and stiffens penalties

for those who commit crimes with guns.  Along with enforcing gun laws

already on the books, these are important steps that will help keep

the people of Massachusetts safe.  It is also heartening to see the

legislation takes into account the difficulty law abiding gun owners

experience with the renewal process because of extremely long

application processing periods.”

The legislation takes into account how difficult it is to get a gun, and makes it harder.  I am still supporting Charlie Baker for governor, as he is the best of the available choices that can win, and his help of conservative candidates over the past few years.  

I do wish however, he’d be stronger on protecting our Second Amendment rights.  If you are a supporter of Charlie’s, as I am, I hope you will take the opportunity the next time you see him, to discuss your feelings on this legislation.

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