Brian Herr’s Issues Page is a Mockery of an Issues Page

There is not one thing on Brian Herr’s Issues page that is remotely do-able, it is just empty banter in lieu of an Issues page.


Debt, Deficits & Spending

No good comes from reckless government spending. No good comes from huge deficits. The economy will continue to stagnate, our debt payments will overwhelm us, and even more Americans will be out of work if we continue to kick the can down the road.

Does anyone disagree? Is Markey going to argue FOR reckless government spending? He’s going to need some specifics, what reckless spending does Markey support that he will oppose? Being afraid to name specifics doesn’t attract voters.

We need leaders who will make tough decisions and do what is right for our country. Some of the things I would do:

Reduce the federal workforce by 15% by instituting a hiring freeze of non-military personnel. This would not require layoffs-with natural attrition, the federal workforce would gradually decrease while still keeping the same level of service.

A hiring freeze is not going to happen, as it is the worst way to accomplish reducing the federal workforce. Again, it looks like blather to voters.

Eliminate duplicate and inefficient programs that produce waste, fraud, and abuse.

I think we already have a program for that. In fact, we already have blathering politicians who say that all the time and never do it. He just end his campaign right now, it’s wasteful, fraudulent, and abusive.

Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. Our elected officials in Washington have clearly shown that they will not balance the budget on their own.

That’s not going to happen either.

Impose Term Limits on Members of Congress. Without fundamental reform and new leadership, little will change across the political landscape of America.


It’s time we stop kicking the can down the road. It’s time we stop waiting for the next crisis and manage the process. It’s time for Congress to roll-up their sleeves and get to work. America will prosper again when we stop the reckless spending and balance the federal budget.

This from a guy who won’t put any specifics on his Issues page until a crisis forces him to. Until then, he’ll kick the can down the road with cliches and empty promises.

Term Limits

We have real problems that must be addressed.  Unfortunately, the ideas coming from are the same tired policies that simply are not working. If we want new ideas in Washington, we must send new people.

We have elections every six years for new people to bring new ideas. Not old ideas like Term Limits.

The Founding Fathers envisioned individuals serving our country then returning to their everyday lives. This is a far cry from today’s reality, in which many Members of Congress have spent decades in those chambers.

He should be running for the House of Representatives. That’s for everyday people to serve short terms. The Senate is for Senators.

Career politicians talk endlessly about the struggles everyday Americans face, yet they avoid making the tough calls for fear of losing re-election. This hurts Massachusetts. We need our leaders in Washington to do what is right, not what is politically expedient.

It is time to re-connect Washington, D.C. with the real world. It is time for Term Limits.

I propose to limit U.S. House Members to six two-year terms and U.S. Senate Members to two six-year terms. Recognizing the need for practical support from Incumbents, the change would not be applied retroactively to current Members of Congress but would begin upon their next election.

Funny how specific he is about when the change would be applied. Try NEVER.

Health Care

Affordable health care is needed and attainable but should not be mandated nor managed through the federal bureaucracy.

I will vote to repeal and redirect Obamacare back to the states and allow them to draft health care plans that meet their particular needs.

I don’t see how simply ditching it and throwing it back to the states will improve anything. Especially here in Massachusetts where we are already getting the worst parts of Obamacare imposed on us by our state. No state should mandate free IVF and free Sex Changes and soon, free transgender reproduction.

What we need is a federal system for every American that covers them for basic medicine no matter what state they are in, and prevents states from adding further mandates like contraception and organ transplants. Every American should be automatically enrolled and always remain enrolled even if they lose their job or move, and never have to pay any premiums, it should be automatic, requiring no action on anyone’s part to be covered for basic medicine.

What’s Herr’s position on sex change coverage? What’s his position on IVF coverage? What’s his position on transgender reproduction? Should it even be legal to reproduce offspring with someone of the same sex, if a lab figures out how to accomplish it? I say no, it should be prohibited with a Natural Marriage and Reproduction Act.  

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