Bonfire Of The Bergdahl Vanities

In his searing “The Bergdahl Dozen: Thirteen Reasons Why The Story Has Legs“, BREITBART columnist James P. Pinkerton today claims that “the Bergdahl story is going to reverberate for a long time”. He cites 13 reasons why the story isn’t going to fade away soon but here are a few of my favorites that I think get to the heart of the matter:

Second, Susan Rice, certain to be remembered, at best, as the most verbally incompetent national security adviser in history, threw a gasoline-soaked log onto the media bonfire when she said that Bergdahl had served with “honor and distinction.” And then, when pressed on that claim, she claimed it again. So what on earth was going through her mind? On Fox News’ “Red Eye,” Greg Gutfeld put it well: To contemporary liberals, desertion is no crime, no big deal; it’s sort of like calling in sick. And so one reason that this story has resonated so loudly is that it clanged on the tin ear of contemporary liberals when it comes to patriotism.

As an aside, we are reminded: This is not the Democratic Party of FDR, which insisted on winning its wars-and presided over extreme political incorrectness in pursuit of victory. (Franklin D.) Roosevelt was also willing, we might note, to oversee the execution of deserters. The Democrats have come a long way, from the New Deal to the New Left.

Damn right it has. Do you think Democrats in South Boston are dancing in the streets over the “Taliban Swap”? Talk to any Old Left activist in Southie about this issue. Watch him/her drop the “party unity” facade & rage against the New Left elements that run today’s Democrat Party. Sadly, though, they WILL fall in line because they know most Republicans don’t care enough about them to REALLY engage them about the specific economic issues they care about (which in some cases involves unionism if they’re working class or middle class voters). I’ve said this ad infinitum but I’ll say it again: if the state GOP wants to resurrect itself, it needs to reach out to & engage with the Old Left.

Seventh, some in the Main Stream Media, seeking to discredit those veterans, are inadvertently feeding the conflagration. Here, for example, is The New York Times going at it, in a story headlined, “Bergdahl Was in Unit Known for Its Troubles.” According to the Times, the unit was “raggedy”; it was a “misfit.” Yet such assertions beg the question: If the unit was so bad, how was it that everyone else managed to stay loyal while only (Bowe) Bergdahl took a hike? Indeed, such smears by the Times, as well as and others, will only bring more veterans out of the woodwork.

I marvel at how lapdog media outlets like the Times are hellbent on devaluing their brand for the sake of shielding the Obama Administration. To their individual credit, media mavens such as Jeffrey Toobin, Chris Mathews, & Joe Scarborough are asking said administration some hard, uncomfortable questions. I expect more of their collegues will join them if rumors of Bergdahl’s conversion to Islam are proven to be true. Career before craven partisanship?

Ninth, there’s the Constitutional separation-of-powers issue and the even more basic issue of obeying the law-in this case, the law stipulating that Congress must be notified before the release of any Gitmo prisoner.  George F. Will headlined in his column, “A President Goes Rogue.” Okay, Will is a conservative, but George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley is not, and he told Sean Hannity, “Barack Obama is really the president Richard Nixon always wanted to be. You know, he’s been allowed to act unilaterally in a way that we’ve fought for decades.”

We know that US Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) is livid about being bypassed by the Obama Administration on these kinds of matters. Given the illegal (if not unconstitutional) abuse of executive power, will she or other Democrats be pissed off enough to demand a congressional hearing on the matter? I don’t know. No Democrat wants to do anything so close to an election year to hurt their party’s hold on power. But if enough Democrats in both houses of Congress get slaughtered in November, what’s to stop the survivors from extracting their revenge against “The One” after January?

Would revenge include (gasp!) impeachment? Only in my wildest dreams. But, I CAN dream…can’t I?

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