Instead of Providing Answers on Spending, Galvin Gives D’Arcangelo a Bill for $5,300

MALDEN, MA – Jun. 19, 2013 – Secretary of State Bill Galvin wants his GOP opponent to cough up $5,300 in order to gain access to public records detailing the cost to taxpayers incurred by Galvin to produce and air controversial public service announcements – flashy, campaign style commercials that even a Democratic operative once told the Associated Press amounted to Galvin perpetually running for re-election on the public’s dime, said the D’Arcangelo campaign today.

“The taxpayers of the Commonwealth deserve to know how much of our hard-earned money has been spent on these PSA’s during his two decade reign as Secretary,” said D’Arcangelo, who requested information pertaining to how much taxpayer money was spent to produce and air the PSA’s, and when, where and how long they aired.  “The questions I am asking are very straightforward.  But, instead of answering them, they give me the runaround for 57 days and then send a letter saying I need to pay $5,300 for the right to know how Bill Galvin spends our tax dollars. The public has a right to know how their government is spending their money.”

D’Arcangelo said the whole saga explains why Massachusetts is considered one of the most secretive states in the country when it comes to transparency in government.  Massachusetts received a grade of ‘F’ from the National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOIC) for open and transparent government – ranking near the bottom of all states in the nation (Source:… )

“No wonder people have such little faith in government,” added D’Arcangelo.  “It’s not right. Charging someone $5,300 to gain access to an open public record is outrageous. Secretary Galvin has an obligation to be open and transparent with how he spends our money and the records should be turned over immediately and at a reasonable rate to cover copying costs.”  Said D’Arcangelo.  “We still do not have an answer to our basic questions such as how much money was spent to produce the PSA’s, how much money was used to air the PSA’s, and when and where the PSA’s aired. I will not rest until the people have these answers.”  

D’Arcangelo has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors.  Dave served in the Administrations of three Governors, served as an aide in the State Legislature, served on the Mass. Commission for the Blind Rehabilitation Council for two terms under both Governors Mitt Romney and Deval Patrick.  He has also served as an Election Officer for the City of Boston and is now serving his second term as a City Councilor at-Large in Malden.

Outside of government, Dave founded and serves as Managing Director of Arc Angel Communications, a public relations and social media firm.  Prior to that, Dave was the Chief Communications Officer for M&L Transit Systems, Inc. and the Regional Development Manager for CSI Support & Development Services.


See attached chain of correspondence back and forth between D’Arcangelo and Galvin’s office.  

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