Scorecard Update: House AND Senate

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As the week winds down, we’ve posted three new votes to our scorecard. All three took place during debates over the supplemental budget currently being discussed on Beacon Hill.


More Frequent Review of Regulations (Roll Call #372): This amendment, sponsored by Rep. O’Connell of Taunton, would have mandated that all state regulations be reviewed for their impact on small business every 5 years, rather than on the current 12-year cycle. The amendment, which MassFiscal supported failed 30-117 on a mostly party-line vote (D: 1-117; R: 29-0).

Witholding Funds for HealthConnector Until Investigation is Complete (Roll Call #374): This amendment, sponsored by the Rep. Jones of North Reading, would have required that the Patrick Administration issue a report on its investigation into the problems surrounding the HealthConnector before any more money is spent on building the next one. The amendment, which MassFiscal supported, was defeated 40-113 (D: 11-113; R: 29-0).


Full Waiver from the Affordable Care Act (Roll Call #303): This amendment, sponsored by Sen. Tarr of Gloucester, would have sought permission for Massachusetts to return to its pre-Obamacare health insurance system in order to avoid spending even more money fixing the broken HealthConnector. The amendment, which MassFiscal supported, failed 4-33 on an entirely party-line vote (D: 0-33; R: 4-0).

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