Records Show Baker “Contractor” Being Paid Fom MA GOP Payroll

Public records available online through the Federal Election Commission (FEC) website shows Charlie Baker for Governor “Contractor” aka “Political Director” Ryan Coleman was/has actually being compensated via the MA GOP’s (Federal) Payroll Account. The time-frame in question was the period during the Republican Delegate Selection and Caucus Season held recently throughout the Commonwealth. (Dec ’13-March ’14)

While there are no laws prohibiting any individual from working for a political party or local, state or federal campaign, Coleman’s compensation  clearly violates MA GOP Bylaws by assisting one candidate for governor over another in a competitive, Primary Election.

Read Bylaws: content/uploads/2014/01/By- Laws-all-changes-accepted-09- 18-13-02817263.pdf

The payments also seriously call into question the partiality and judgment of MA GOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes and Executive Director Rob Cunningham who are currently involved in civil litigation vs. Gov. Candidate Mark Fisher for similar allegations of bias or fraud re: the MA GOP State Convention held in March.

In last Sunday’s Boston Globe (5/4/14), Baker Campaign Manger Jim Conroy acknowledged that Mr. Coleman has indeed worked, and is working for the campaign in some capacity, but the Globe also reported that neither Conroy nor the Baker Camapaign has disclosed on any monthly, campaign finance report or released ANY proof of “contractor payments” to Mr. Coleman.  (SEE GLOBE STORY BELOW)  


Source: FEC Online Reports (

State Party Employee: Ryan Coleman


11/20/13    $2,076.92

11/20/13    $2,076.92

11/20/13    $2,076.92

01/15/14    $2,076.92

01/29/14    $2,076.92

02/12/14    $2,076.92

02/26/14    $2,076.92

03/12/14    $2,076.92


03/26/14    $2,076.92

April ’14   tba

May ’14     tba


…(An) anonymous complaint with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance was filed alleging that a paid GOP staff member had been working directly for Baker’s campaign for months, when he still faced a challenge from Fisher. The party’s bylaws prohibit the GOP from helping a particular candidate if another Republican is in the race.

The complainant, who spoke with the Globe but refused to identify himself, said that he was motivated by a sense of fairness for Fisher, rather than by an allegiance to him.

“If you’re unfair, people rally to an underdog,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if you agree with him or not.”

The complaint to the Political Finance Office indicates that the GOP aide, Ryan Coleman, was paid by the state party’s federal account since last fall. But e-mails included in the complaint show that Coleman had a Baker campaign e-mail address, a phone line at Baker headquarters, and held the official title of political director.

Baker campaign manager Jim Conroy maintained that Coleman had been working for the campaign only as a contractor before Baker became the party nominee in March. “Ryan Coleman has worked for the campaign first as a contractor and later as an employee,” Conroy said. “His engagement with the campaign has been transparent and publicly reported, as is the case with all campaign expenditures.”

The Baker campaign, however, shows no payments to Coleman as a contractor when he was being paid by the state party.

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