Patrick Administration Releases Unification Plan for Justina Pelletier

Update:  The AP is reporting that the Pelletier Family has rejected the plan.  The AP states that the family wants justina home by 5/24/2014 her 16th birthday.

Bowing to public pressure, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s Health and Human Services Secretary John Polanawicz today released a reunification plan for Justina Pelletier and her parents.  The plan was released in a letter (Google Drive PDF) to Minority Leader Brad Jones.

Ask yourself, if Jim Lyons and Marc Lombardo hadn’t been pushing this last week on the floor of the house, would we be where we are today?  

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  • You were part of that push as well, Rob.

  • This isn’t any advancement in getting her home!  It is Massachusetts playing God with not just our children, but children from another state where they should have absolutely no jurisdiction.  Ever wonder why Mass kept trying to get Ct. DCF to take over yet haven’t been able to do so?

    This is NO discredit to Lyons and Lombardo, or you.  I hope all will continue the good fight so that Mass cannot get away with this.  All they have done is moved Justina from one place to another, still under their control, and 88 miles a way from the family.  It flies in the face of their wanting to “get her back to her family, friends and community.  Don’t let them get away with this or we’re doomed that they can do this to your kids, your grandkids, and even your elderly parents.  This is obscene.

  • geo999

    … who incarcerated and experimented on this girl here in MA, should have no say as to where she goes once she crosses that state line.

  • Siobhan

    There is something beyond stupid going on here. This is a dark and sinister attack on the institution of family by a coalition of state and medical institutions.

    The Pelletiers have been robbed of their daughter, her health, safety and peace,their family has been harassed and slandered, even by the Governor.

    I think a boycott is in order and hopefully the loss of donations will speak loudly because common sense and sanity seem to have left the building on Beacon Hill and Longwood Avenue!

    I have told my friends who have a child being treated at BCH that if it were my child or grandchild I would not take them to BCH where they partner with DCF in “Parent-ectomies”.

    Chris Noonan Funnell

    Commonwealth Covenant Keepers

  • What if the Pelletier’s refuse to go back to see DCF for “therapy”?

    Does the STATE then send storm troopers into CT to retrieve her? Does CT send in their ENFORCERS?

    Why should Mass have any right to make conditions on which she may be released? Justine has been kept against her will and suffered physically and mentally in their hands.

    The protests against DCF should continue until a full investigation and clean out of this den of gangsters is made.