Mrs. Pelletier Denied Mother’s Day Visit with Justina

Yesterday, Deval Patrick’s Department of Children and Families, denied Justina Pelletier’s mother a visit with her daughter.    

Justina’s Sister Jennifer took to Twitter to make the family’s feelings known.

Fox 25 had the story.

Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

The Department is saying that it is because they are moving Justina to Connecticut against the wishes of the family.

Haven’t we as a Commonwealth done enough to this family?

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  • Queen Michelle is tweeting and bemoaning the abduction of school girls in Nigeria, and her husband is sending in “advisors” to help return them to their families. While I agree that their abduction is an atrocity, perhaps the Obamas could bring pressure to bear on “Mini Me” to release one school girl that has been stolen from her family right here in the USA. Sadly, I believe that if she were Shaniqua instead of Justina, this situation would NEVER have gotten so out of control.

  • I don’t understand the issues involved in this story. Are you saying that parents should always have parental custody, and that under no circumstances should a DCF remove custody from parents who they say are harming the kid? Or has the story become that, as the DCF has used the story to assert their authority to make the call about who is abusive and who isn’t? I agree there should be checks against the agency using their authority to take kids away from parents for political or arbitrary reasons. But it seems this has become a rallying cry against the state’s authority in general, when in fact the state is the authority in reality, and it is a matter of properly using that authority to protect kids and families.

  • Those running for any political office, going to say enough is enough?  This is disgusting.  How anyone in the state of Massachusetts doesn’t think so, and isn’t overtly protesting this as if it were THEM, because it sure as heck could be, is beyond belief.  If this doesn’t feel like the beginning of the state testing us for what we will tolerate in terms of kidnapping, and torturing, our children, I don’t know what else it could be.  STAND UP AGAINST THIS TYRANNY, EVERYONE, and don’t support any candidate that isn’t willing to stand against what is going on here. This shouldn’t be partisan, but it appears the Dems are in control, so why aren’t Dem parents outraged?   http://thesomervillenewsweekly

    Call Patrick’s office and DON’T let him tell you that it is out of his hands, DEMAND her release to her parents NOW.  This is a vengeful abuse of power on the part of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. The governor, Deval Patrick, has the power to end this abuse TODAY. The phone number to his office is 617.725.4005. Call him and tell him to ‪#‎freejustina‬

    Comment on news stations that cover this to show support for their covering.  The Facebook for the Fox clip above is garnering almost 1000 comments!