Mass just pulled the plug on its Obamacare exchange, why does our exchange boss still have a job?

The Massachusetts Health Connector, according to public records, spent approximately $3.5M to develop  their original online health exchange.  Less than a year after the Massachusetts Legislature voted to allow the Connector authority to develop a new exchange multiple news outlets are reporting that the connector has spent over $100M on a website they are pulling the plug on.

Now it is getting worse, the Connector says it is now going to spend another $100M plus trying out new web software.  That will be over 1/5 of a billion dollars in about a year and a half to hopefully get a working website, when the Commonwealth had a working website for $3.5M.  

This begs the question, why does Jean Yang, the Health Connector Executive Director still have a job?  Yang is paid $179K+.  In other states that have exchanges that failed the heads of those agencies have been fired.  

I’d ask why Governor Patrick has allowed Jean Yang to keep her job, but in a state where children routinely die and the Governor reluctantly accepts the resignation of the head of the child protection agency, and lets her keep her $137K paycheck – I know it will be falling on deaf ears.  

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