Libertarianism and Transhumanism

My Google alert for Transhumanism sends me an email every day full of links to new stories or videos or discussions about Transhumanism.

Here are some that I thought might interest people here. The first one is to a HuffingtonPost article by the author of a popular new book about Transhumanism, reiterating a point that has been made before:

Transhumanists and Libertarians Have Much in Common

Indeed I’d say that one cannot be a Libertarian without being a Transhumanist, and many people are Transhumanists purely because they have chosen to label themselves “libertarian” and want to follow the principles strictly by opposing all laws that limit people’s choices. So they oppose laws against genetic engineering of human beings, which is the essential position that defines a Transhumanist, even though it would result in bigger government and less freedom down the road. But to support a law preserving natural reproduction rights and prohibiting genetic engineering would mean they weren’t libertarians, and they don’t want to admit that, out of stubborn pride. But hopefully more libertarians will realize that being consistently libertarian about everything is not so darn important, that they have brains and can use them, and can stop labeling themselves and constraining themselves to ideology.

And another link from my Google Alert that ought to help discredit the whole Transhumanist idea by clearly showing its eugenic and racist core:

The article isn’t worth reading, and the site isn’t worth visiting, but the fact that it exists is enough to make my point.

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