Floor Debate on Lyons/Lombardo Pelletier Amendment

The video of the budget sessions is finally up at the Mass Legislature website.  On Tuesday April 29, 2014 the House Debated an amendment filed by Jim Lyons (R-Andover) and Marc Lombardo (R-Billerica) regarding Justina Pelletier.  The amendment would have done three things:

1. Call for a complete accounting of what DCF spent on Justina Pelletier.

2. Call for the department to stop spending on Justina Pelletier.

3. Immediately remand Justina Pelletier to the custody of her parents.

This post will have every representative who spoke in their own video.  First up is Jim Lyons, who passionately spoke in favor of the amendment.

Next up is David Linksy (D-Natick), the Chairman of the House Post Audit and Oversight Committee, he argued against the amendment saying it sets a bad precedent.

Representative Marc Lombardo (R-Billerica) rose in support of the amendment.

John Ferndandez of Milford rises against the amendment.

George Peterson (R-Groton) Rises against the amendment.

Representative Sheila Harrington rises in opposition to the amendment and alleges that Justina Pelletier’s parents abused her in the home.

Representative Lyons Rebuttal.

Christopher Markey on the Pelletier Amendment. Markey is especially upset that the house is even discussing this.

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