Charter School Cap Bill Coming to Floor Tomorrow

According to a diarist on Blue Mass Group, the Massachusetts House of Representatives will be taking up lifting the cap on charters schools this wednesday.

Quoting here from this week’s Citizens for Public Schools’ “News You Can Use about Our Schools”:

“This Wednesday, May 21, the House is expected to take up a bill that includes lifting the cap on charter school spending.  House Bill 3984 raises the cap on charter tuition as a percentage of a district’s net school spending from 18% to 23% (yes, this means that current law allows up to 18% of school spending in certain districts can be diverted to charter schools, although for most communities it is still 9%).  The higher cap – and the proposed increase in the cap – applies only to districts that score the lowest on MCAS, which, no surprise, correlates with the state’s lowest income districts, as well as the districts that spend less on their schools.  (Significantly, some of these same districts have strong growth scores, and yet, they are still the targets of charter operators; Boston is one of these districts). If you have an opinion about this proposed change to the charter school law, you may want to contact your state representative right away.”

Notwithsanding some of the flawed arguments above, it is important to call your legislator at 617-722-2000 if you want to have the cap lifted. Tell them to support lifting that cap on Wednesday.  If they don’t they are just standing in the school house door.  

Charter Schools in Massachusetts, and around the nation, lead to better outcomes for children.  

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