A MassGOP Mother’s Day message… with teeth!

On Mother’s Day, Massachusetts politicians of all types talk about how much they appreciate their mothers, and all mothers. The messages are forgettable. After reading dozens of these, I decided to write a message to moms about how Republican reforms will ease their struggles, and the tone is about as warm and fuzzy as a screaming toddler:

“We Republicans care very much about the moms of Massachusetts, and appreciate their struggles. As our business is politics, we can’t help but notice that some of the burdens mothers feel are directly related to the decisions of our politicians, and in particular, the Democrats who run our government. So while moms are deservedly praised and pampered today, on the other 364 days a year…

… somewhere a mother cries because her child didn’t win the lottery system and there won’t be a good public school for her child.

… somewhere a mother is on a bus that takes her to work, and it is late again, and she is terrified of losing a job she really needs.

… somewhere a mother who needs extra income finds out she can’t pursue her idea because she needs an expensive and time-consuming license she didn’t know about.

… somewhere a mother who thinks she has enough money to hire a nanny finds out how much paperwork and fees are involved, and she is very frustrated.

… somewhere a mother is told that if an across-the-board minimum wage hike goes through, the cost of her childcare will increase dramatically, because it is so labor-intensive and involves lower-paid workers.

… somewhere a mother realizes that she has to cancel a trip to see her parents because even more is being taken out of her paycheck this year to pay for health care costs that are out of control.

… somewhere a mother is sad because her child has to move far away to get a job, because there aren’t enough jobs here.

All these situations are very real for the mothers of Massachusetts, and they are all directly related to the decisions that are being made, and not being made, by your leaders in Boston. We Republicans not only appreciate mothers, our ideas would help the moms in all the situations above.

If you love your mother today, show her you care. But if you really want to make her life easier, vote Republican this November.”

(Note: This message is one I made up as a thought experiment. It is not authorized in any way by the Massachusetts Republican Party.)

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