UMass Law School Boondoggle Update

(My alma mater did not need a law school. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

In 2010, Deval Patrick and the legislature created the UMass School of Law in Dartmouth.  The Pioneer Institute and others warned that the law school would be a colossal waste of money.…  The Romney Administration rejected the law school as a costly fantasy.  

But for those who inhabit the alternate universe that is the Governor’s office and public sector academia, the law school is a great success.  Indeed, the Dean of the UMass law school claims that the school is or will soon be producing distinguished jurists like Governor Patrick himself:…

“UMass Law and all that it stands for would not exist without the support that Governor Patrick provided,” Dean Mary Lu Bilek said. “We aspire to create lawyers like the governor, who will use their legal education to create a more just society.”

Deval Patrick should feel insulted.

The American Bar Association just released employment data for law school grads.  How did the UMass School of Law fare?  Dismally.  

UMass law school ranks 196th out of the nation’s 201 law schools in terms of the percentage of graduates that find full time law jobs after graduation.  Only one in four graduates find full time jobs with law firms after graduation.    http://lawschooltuitionbubble….  That’s a slight improvement from last year when UMass came in 197th place.  Still, it’s a long way from being able to place grads in white shoe law firms like Hill and Barlow where our Governor cut his legal teeth.  

Of the four institutions that actually had placement rates below UMass over the last two years, three are in Puerto Rico and one is a fly-by-night institution in California where the average graduate leaves with $144,000 in debt.…  

For the majority of us who are not living in an alternate universe, the UMass School of Law is a costly boondoggle.  It is shameful when public official systematically mislead potential applicants about the institution where they will be spending thousands of dollars and many years of their precious time.  The best thing that could be done for the Commonwealth is to shut this stinker down.  

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