Thank You Michael Graham

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Michael Graham for all he has done for me over the past few years, and especially the last couple of months.  Filling in for him has allowed me to get the confidence to begin planning my own radio show.  

Why am I thanking him?

Well he’s off to Hotlanta, to grace their airwaves with the Natural Truth.  His shows next week will be his last.  On April 25, 2014 he is signing off the airwaves for the final time in Massachusetts.  

Before he goes, he is giving me one more opportunity to host on Thursday April 24, 2014.  

If you want to read Michael’s Thank You to listeners it is on his website at

Oh and if you want to talk about how you can help me fill the void of one less conservative yakker on the airwaves.  Shoot me an email.  

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