More Pro-Life Issues and News in Massachusetts

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IF you're interested in Life issues you should know that there's more going on in Massachusetts than the attempt by Massachusetts Citizens for Life to have four clinic performing illegal abortions shut down.  For example, did you know that there is an ongoing attempt to force teaching standards on health classes in public schools across the Commonwealth whcih would almost certainly get a dirty old man arrested if he approached children with them in the park?

Or did you know that some healthcare providers, backed up, in some cases, by the state, are attempting to force sick and elderly patients to fill out a medical order for life sustaining treatment form heavily biased toward not treating the sick?


What about the fact that Doctor-Prescribed Suicide, though temporarily defeated, is still a threat to to weak, sick, disabled, and elderly in Massachusetts?

 To learn more about these and many other pro-life issues you can always check out the talks at the recent MCFL 2014 Pro-life Convention.

CLICK HERE to see videos of the talks.

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