MCFL: Four Clinics Performing Illegal Abortions in Massachusetts

Massachusetts medical regulations state that abortions after 18 weeks must be performed in a licensed hospital.  The Massachusetts Citizens for Life has found four abortion providers that advertise they perform abortions after 18 weeks up to 20 weeks in their facilities, and an additional facility performs up to 23 week abortions.  They have asked the Deval Patrick Administration to investigate this, and have fallen on deaf ears.

Massachusetts Citizens for Life sent a letter to Secretary John Polanowicz, Executive Office of Health and Human Services, on March 31, 2014 calling on the state to close four abortion facilities because of the illegal abortions performed in those facilities.

The law in Massachusetts mandates that after the eighteenth week of pregnancy an abortion must be performed in a hospital licensed to provide medical/surgical services. None of these facilities is a hospital. Accordingly, their practice of performing abortions “up to 20 weeks” (Four Women, Attleboro; Merrimack Valley Women’s Health, Haverhill; North Shore Women’s Health, Lynn;  and Metro West Women’s Health, Natick) and “up to 23 weeks” (Women’s Health Services, Brookline) is illegal.

In her letter, Anne Fox, President, Mass. Citizens for Life, stated, “Consider the outcry which would occur if a store advertised that it sells cigarettes to 10-year olds. These clinics’ flagrant violations of Massachusetts law pose an imminent threat to the safety and proper health care of pregnant women who are clinic patients… To safeguard the health and safety of pregnant women using the services of these clinics I urge you to exercise your authority under 105 CMR 140.130 to suspend the licenses or the parts of licenses covering abortion services in these facilities and end the illegal practice of abortion beyond the eighteenth week of pregnancy.”

MCFL told Red Mass Group that as of today, they have not heard from Secretary Polanowicz. A pdf of the letter can be viewed at this link.

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