Legislators Go On Record in Favor of Low Quality Education

Amendment 67 to the state budget, filed by Rep. Jim Lyons, would have defunded Common Core and PARCC testing in Massachusetts. The language of that amendment is below

Mr. Lyons of Andover moves to amend the bill by inserting at the end thereof the following new section: – “Section XXXX. Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), herein known as the department, shall expend no funds to develop or implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), nor shall the department expend any funds to develop or implement the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessment.”

The final vote was 119-31. The vote was mostly partisan, in spite of the fact that opposition to Common Core and PARCC is widespread across party lines. It was surprising to see legislators like John Velis, Diana DiZoglio, Hank Naughton and Danielle Gregoire vote against this common-sense amendment. Don’t they realize how much their constituents are already being hurt by this new intrusion in our educational system?

I had the pleasure of attending a forum in New Bedford earlier this month that consisted entirely of liberals who were opposed to Common Core. Parents and students, many of them minorities, who were angry about the damage that the new standards and testing are going to do to their schools and communities. If those people found out how their representatives were voting, they would not be happy.

119 legislators want Massachusetts to have a mediocre education system. 119 legislators want to spend millions of dollars to lower our standards.

You can find the roll call at the link below:


For a summary of why Common Core is awful for Massachusetts, watch this video:


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