ICE Illegal Immigration Enforcement Leads to NYC Jobs for Teens

Update: Michael Graham Picks up on the Story! You can read Michael’s take here.

No this story isn’t exactly what you think.  It does show, however, that enforcement of immigration laws does increase employment for Americans.  

In Friday’s New York Post there was a story regarding how teen age college females have been inspired by the Duke Porn Star to strip.

Belle Knox, who is paying her tuition at Duke University by working as a porn star, is inspiring New York co-eds to follow in her stilettos.

Since word got out that the petite brunette will perform May 2 at the all-nude Show Palace in Queens, the club has been flooded with applications from would-be teen strippers.

The club’s manager Mike Diaz told me, “We are getting bombarded, five to 10 applicants a day. The Knox story is bringing them in.”


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The story first came to my attention on Michael Graham’s Facebook page.  While college students stripping is not exactly breaking news, the end of the story buttresses a point pro immigration enforcement types make.  That enforcement of immigration laws will open up opportunities for American teens.

The American strippers can thank Immigration & Customs Enforcement agents for creating job openings.

“Lots of Russian dancers were here illegally, but there have been crackdowns,” Diaz said. “We don’t have any Russian girls here now.”

So much for jobs Americans won’t do.

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