Global Warming Quiz – test your global warming intelligence…

Which of the following methods are researchers and scientists NOT thinking of using to solve the global warming crisis?

A.) Capturing cow farts and belches in a backpack.

B.) Smoke and Mirrors.

C.) Cover the earth in blankets

D.) A giant umbrella made of sun shields

E.) Do-It-Yourself homemade clouds

F.) Man made volcanoes

G.) The free market system

If you guessed any of the options from A through F you would be wrong.  A quick and simple google search will show that ‘so-called’ experts are actually using all the options discussed above except G.  

Not only are these climate freaks trying to capture cow farts in a bag they are trying to invent a cow that farts less.  Others want to sprinkle moon dust into our atmosphere and have mirrors reflecting sunlight back out and away from the planet.  Giant white blankets and tiny reflectors are more ways that tree-hugging nut jobs want to spend your money on keeping the earth from getting a fever.  If nature doesn’t cooperate you may have the option of home-made clouds to cover your house and DIY volcanoes to fill the atmosphere with pollutants so the sun won’t shine so bright.  All of these are ideas that ‘experts’ are studying to keep the earth cool – not that the temperature has gone up in 18 years!  Most people would fully expect a person who talks seriously about creating a cow that farts less and into a bag is in need of a long vacation at that special home around the corner for people who aren’t quite balanced.

The only option that is not being pushed by researchers is G – The free market system.  And surprisingly, the free market system has not responded with any profitable relief for what these global warming experts call the greatest threat to humankind ever!

So why isn’t the free market system offering options?  They did try solar panels, but that proved futile as soon as government subsidies could no longer keep pace with China’s dropping prices.  One might argue that wind farms are a free market option, but in every case I can find there is some force used by government to make those wind farms happen.  For instance, in the case of Bundy and his cattle herd – the Bureau of Land Management is FORCING him to stop his cattle from grazing so Harry Ried’s son can fulfill a contract to build a wind farm.  It is not far removed from Cape Wind.  

One would think that a remedy for the greatest problem facing mankind would be on the R&D list of every company in the world.  But alas, it only is getting funding from research groups using federal and state funding.  

Sure, thee are private companies spending money to build things to stop global warming, but it is hardly free market process.  In every case the government at one level or another is forcing taxpayers to fund the development of projects.  

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