Evaluating the MA-GOP’s Demands for “Party Unity”

Last year, my State Committeewoman Lisa Barstow put on her Facebook page that she wanted to hear from fellow Republicans from Brookline, Newton and Wellesley [precincts A,C,D,E, and H] what’s working, what’s not, how is the GOP going to see victory in 2014. In the wake of the state party’s officers demanding “party unity” from the base while defending what happened at the MA-GOP Convention on March 22, I felt compelled to write this open letter in response to those demands:

These “Party Unity” calls don’t work anymore because the MA-GOP is just selling bad process and bad candidates committed to maintaining big government, but who think they are the ones who can manage it “more efficiently”.

It’s absolute lunacy to rally behind this party and excuse it for shafting gubernatorial candidate Mark Fisher. This arrogant mentality has got to go away forever, fast. To say there is an absolute lack of leadership, accountability and transparency in this party is the grossest understatement anyone can ever make. No one can ever find out just what is really going on and it breeds a level of distrust that makes attempts at unity impossible.

I see a party that is out of control, it has lost its focus, it doesn’t know where it wants to go and the only way to fix that is to take control of the organization and force the conditions so the party can act like a group of adults in the room and take charge of its own destiny.

There is plenty of talk about the new GOTV tools and the coordinated campaigns, but unless the MA-GOP field candidates that excite the voters, we will continue to lose elections.  Personally, I view the MA-GOP establishment as a Modern Day House of Bourbon in which they all have learned nothing & forgotten nothing.

I do believe that good conservative candidates who run can be competitive and potentially win elections.  The reality is that these things can happen yet our party staffers and operatives are pushing candidates that don’t support our platform and our values.  They don’t have the willpower to change this culture.  A few years ago, Newton for Fiscal Responsibility, a fiscal stewardship group in my hometown, hosted the author of “Reinventing Government” David Osborne.  When asked what is the difference between organizations that change things versus those that don’t, he said that it is simply the willpower to do so period.  I will tell you that I got into being an activist later than most of you all when I saw that our party’s political insider clique is content to be the “Loyal Opposition” to the Democrats.  It is clear to me that the MA-GOP is not committed to changing its culture because it keeps pushing a flawed operating process and flawed candidates.

The one good thing about the Democrats is that they are recognizable.  I can tell that they are left-wing, big government socialist statists.  What worries me are people who claim to be Republicans but who support big government candidates and programs.  What especially worries me are people who claim to be “to the right of Attila the Hun and who are way more conservative than I” yet they compromise their stated principles in the “name of electability” when it comes to candidates.  I don’t know whether it bothers me more to see “so-called social conservatives” support pro-abortion/pro-gay marriage candidates against socially conservative candidates or whether “so-called fiscal conservatives” support fiscally-squishy candidates against fiscally-conservative candidates.  In the meantime, I’ll let those “social club Republicans” talk about “how much more conservative they are than I” while I show how conservative I am through my actions.  I believe in results, not rhetoric.

If the MA-GOP wants “party unity” between the Political Insider Establishment Group and the base, then now is the time to band together to do what is right, let the chips fall where they may, and everybody move forward in unison because we have taken the corruption off the table and cleaned up our house.  My version of cleanup is Fisher is put on the ballot and refunded his $25,000 speaking fee, his case is withdrawn, heads roll at the top, an emergency State Committee meeting is called to elect new officers, and we move forward with everybody feeling that we have turned the corner to an ugly chapter that started out with scandal, but the scandal stops here.

Lastly, I will sum up my objectives for reforming the MA-GOP into five bold statements of purpose:

Platform Before Politicians

Principles Before Party

Regime Changing Reforms Before Relationships

Party Integrity Before Party Unity

Process Matters!

About Joshua Norman

Joshua Norman is a lifelong resident of Newton and is stepping up to rebuild the Newton Republican City Committee's Ward 4 Ward Committee. He has been a frequent contributor to the Newton TAB since 2013 and has also been quoted by The Boston Globe and the Newton Patch. He is the Vice President and Research Director of the Newton Taxpayers Association and a Newton Co-Captain for End Common Massachusetts. He is currently a candidate for GOP State Committee Man from the First Middlesex & Norfolk District - Newton, Brookline and Wellesley (Pcts. A, C-E, H).