Clueless Kerrigan Flunks Test of Pressing Issues

This is too good not to share.  On the heels of sending the Republican National Committeewoman an invitation to his campaign kickoff, Steve Kerrigan fails miserably a test of hot button issues in Massachusetts Government given by Ed Harding on WCVB’s “On the Record”.

Kerrigan only got one out of four questions right, and he wants to be your next Lieutenant Governor.

What did Kerrigan miss?

Couldn’t recall the heroin and opiate epidemic destroying our communities.

Didn’t know the probation department hadn’t instituted written tests for applicants yet.

Didn’t know the key finding of Suzanne Bump’s audit showed that sex offenders were slipping through the foster care cracks..

Finally didn’t know that Hyundai Rotem was the company about to build Red and Orange line cars.

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