A House of Cowards

Earlier today, the Massachusetts House started debating the FY15 Ways and Means Budget.  During the process there are over 1100 amendments to weed through.  It is going to be a long week, and Red Mass Group will be here for most of it.  

To start off the week Mark Lombardo’s tax amendments are being “debated”, and each one of them is being sent to a study.   In essence the members of the General Court are cowards who don’t want to vote on issues that might lose them votes.  So they send the issues to “studies” that will never be done.

For the first few amendments offered by Lombardo, each one was further amended by Representative Kulik (D-Worthington).  Further amendments are like amending the amendment.  It is a tactic used every year by the House of Representatives to kill amendments without even having a roll call vote on the actual amendment.  The legislators believe that this insulates them from taking the actual vote on the amendment.  

Kulik is acting like the Cowardly Lion, acting afraid to actually vote on tax cuts for residents of Massachusetts, or even to exempt cities and towns from the gas tax, which would add $11,000,000 into the coffers of those cities and towns.  

Call your representative at 617-722-2000 and tell them to stop acting like a House of Cowards, and tell them to actually vote on the issues.

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