You Heard it Here First, Last Week RMG Broke the News About the Marathon Bombing Report

Red Mass Group reported about a week ago that the Marathon Bombing report would show a significant lack of cooperation between the FBI and local law enforcement.

King, in a wide ranging interview with Red Mass Group yesterday, said the final draft of the House Homeland Security Committee report on the bombings, will show a troubling lack of communication between the FBI and local police. King said, “when the report comes out, I believe it will show – and I’ve seen the final draft of the report – that there was not sufficient cooperation between the FBI and the Boston Police prior to the Marathon Bombing.”

The report was released to the public yesterday and that is exactly what it showed. The Boston Globe has the story.

Another key finding: the FBI needs to do a better job of sharing information about potential terror suspects with local police. A Boston Police Department investigator was assigned to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in Boston, but the officer’s ability to handle information was severely restricted. The FBI’s task force agreement required the Boston investigator to seek FBI approval before sharing tips and other intelligence with superiors outside the task force.

While Boston Police may have done nothing differently if they had been provided more information about the suspect before the bombing, the report said, “it is impossible to know how wider dissemination may have impacted events.”

Our readers knew that over a week ago.

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