Why Mark Fisher should get nothing and like it. You don’t bring a plastic knife to a gun fight.

Let’s get it out there right from the start.

Fisher lost this convention before he even got there.

The math was out there. The Fisher people knew that there were about 2500+ people going to be at the convention. Fisher needed about 400 delegates in attendance at voting time to ensure he made the ballot. If he had locked up 500 people before the convention began, there would have been no bellyaching, bitching and moaning that even though he fell 6 votes short, he should still make it ’cause gosh darn it, he tried!

He did pick up a few delegates after the convention started to be sure. I had a few people from my senate district that were pro-Baker coming in support Fisher after his speech. Trying to win a few more people to your side at the convention was a Fisher campaign strategy that was doomed to fail. If their strategy was to start with about 200, and pick up 200 more, they have no one to blame but themselves. You don’t win elections on election day.

I commented in an earlier post that I attended two caucuses in my district. Baker’s campaign had people there talking to those seeking to be delegates. Fisher’s campaign didn’t. Baker’s campaign invested time and energy into making sure “their” delegates were the delegates nominated at the local caucuses. Baker’s people spent the time making sure his delegates got to Boston.

Fisher’s people should have ensured that at a minimum they got 1 or 2 people from every town that supported Fisher to their local caucus and got themselves elected, back in FEBRUARY. It can be done. Ron Paul people know this. I asked my friends in my delegation that voted for him if anyone from the Fisher campaign had contacted them before the convention, and they told me that no one From Fisher’s campaign had reached out to them before the convention began.

That’s campaign malpractice right there.

The Democrats get it. You think Marsha Chokley and Steven “The Ice Cream Man” Grossman and the other moonbat dwarfs enjoyed driving around in the winter to every caucus in order to shake hands and kiss ass enough to lock up 15% of the delegates to ensure they make the threshold at their convention? Of course not, but this is the process folks! You either put the effort in to lock up your people before it begins, or spend days crying about collusion and process afterwards.

It’s not his supporters fault. I know many of them, and applaud them for standing up for the candidate they thought best represented their beliefs. They just weren’t organized effectively by the campaign. If you can’t show you can get 400 people from across the entire Commonwealth to a convention in March, you sure as hell aren’t going to get 125,000 of them to the polls in September.  

Fisher’s not on the ballot because his campaign dropped the ball from the beginning. It’s his own campaign’s damn fault, not anyone else’s.


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