Which Mass Dem will Stand in the Way of Justice for Justina Today?

Today, Representatives Marc Lombardo(R-Billerica) and Jim Lyons(R-Andover) will bring to the floor of the Massachusetts House a bipartisan resolution calling on DCF to free Justina Pelletier and give her back to her parents.  

Pelletier, was taken from her parents due to a difference in medical opinion between doctors at Children’s Hospital and Tufts Medical Center.  For over a year Justina has been in the custody of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and not her parents.  Last week the Commonwealth agreed to let Tufts treat Justina instead of Children’s Hospital.  A move towards giving back the parents full custody.

Lombardo and Lyons will bring the resolution to the floor using Rule 24 of the House.  A rule routinely used for resolutions such as birthday well wishes, and other such proclamations.  Under rule 24, one member of the house can object and the resolution will not be brought to a vote.  

Which Massachusetts Democrat is going to be the one to object to this resolution looking to reunite a child with her loving parents?  We’ll find out later today.

You can still make a difference by calling 617-722-2000 and talking to your representative about this.  

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