VIDEO PROOF: Fisher should be on the ballot, Baker should condemn the fog, Hughes should clear it.

The video of the reported tallies at the convention has been released. I have vetted it fully, and have verified the calculations. I have linked to a Google Doc with them:…

In review of my previous post, I initially thought I may have been too strong in my thoughts about the convention. I was wrong. I missed one very important five letter word: FRAUD.

Mark Fisher was denied ballot access because the vote counters have, by some manner of wizardry, crafted 54 Blank votes out of thin air to drive his total below 15%. Given that the tally sheets have been scratched all over and there are no individual ballots to count, the initial tally at the convention is the single closest source to the vote total available. Furthermore, Chairman Hughes never announced the tallies nor percentages before introducing Charlie as the party’s nominee. The results are clear.

This fraud is disgusting, unacceptable, and must be answered for. During the vote tally as you will see above, Blank was listed by any given district at its highest level at 2 times. Although 7 districts did not list their blank tallies, it is unreasonable to believe they experienced more blanks than other districts. I even assumed an additional 14 blanks, and that still brings Fisher’s total to 15.07%.

This dispute does not need a drawn out lawsuit which will only damage the party. It needs the parties involved to come clean. The entire tenor of the convention from the podium was one-sided. In fact, in our materials Charlie is specifically mentioned as the gubernatorial nominee. While I understand print time occurs before the convention, this is still unacceptable. Baker was well organized on the floor. That I have no issue with, it is part of convention day politicking.

But the podium represents the officials holding the meeting, and Sisk as the honorary chair specifically acts in the stead of the party. This convention has brought shame on all Republicans, and should go down in history as one of the most despicable events in Massachusetts Republican history.

The following are the steps that should be taken:

1. Chairman Hughes should publicly apologize for the way the convention was conducted, specifically the endorsement of Baker from the podium of Honorary Chair Sisk, which colored the entire convention.

2. Chairman Hughes should offer an explanation for the massive inflation of blank ballots and the complete lack of transparency in announcing the final tally, or else tender her resignation for allowing our Republican convention to be tainted in this way.

3. Charlie Baker should condemn the wrongdoing at the convention and welcome Fisher’s primary challenge, in the interest of uniting all Republicans and removing the cloud of illegitimacy the convention has invited.

Both should agree to a debate immediately, and therein have both candidates condemn clearly the actions of what I hope are merely a few rogue supporters of Mr. Baker.

I have already sought to bring this to a larger platform than RedMassGroup. Come clean now, or may God rest your soul, because my soul will not rest until this wrong is righted. Because while I may have thought a primary was a bad idea, after seeing the blatant corruption in my own party I will not rest until these cheaters pay. If Baker or Chairman Hughes knows who these people are, they should out them and remove them from their circle of influencers. These people will not bring dishonor to our party. They will not cheat our candidates out of their rightful place.

And they will change. Or they will be forced to, starting from the top down.

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