Vennochi: MassGOP and Hillary Clinton Share Same “Tragic” View of Abortion

I’ve been saying the MassGOP platform statement on Abortion is pretty non-controversial. Calling abortion “tragic” is something most reasonable people can agree on.  Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi agrees.

WHAT’S SO extreme about using the word “tragic” to describe abortion?

Hillary Clinton did it in 2005. As she prepared a run for president, Clinton, then a senator from New York, said opposing sides in the abortion debate should find “common ground” to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce abortions – which she called “a sad, even tragic choice to many, many women.”

This week, the Massachusetts Republican state committee adopted a platform that keys at least partly into a similar sentiment: “We affirm the inherent dignity and sanctity of human life,” the Republican platform reads. “We believe that every instance of abortion is tragic. We advocate policies that will assist a woman during a crisis pregnancy.” The GOP platform also states support for “traditional marriage.”

Vennochi is exactly right.  “Tragic”, used to describe abortion is only extreme, to the pro-abortion crowd. There is a vast difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion.

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