Todd Taylor for State Representative: Five More Days Til Victory!

(Todd Taylor is a great candidate Stay tuned for the podcast. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Loyal RMG readers: Please see below the email I sent out to my  list a few minutes ago. We have a great chance to stun #mapoli next Tuesday. Here’s how you can help!

Dear Friends,

Good morning! In just 5 days, there’s going to be three special elections with Republicans running. Yes, that’s right, the elections are on April 1 — April Fool’s Day — and we hope the joke will be on the Democrats.

I’m managing the campaign for one of those three Republicans, Todd Taylor, who’s running for state rep in the 16th Suffolk District. That district includes parts of Chelsea, Revere, or Saugus. This district is ranked 74th out of 160: Scott Brown won here in 2010, 54-44%, and it’s very similar in its makeup to the district Shaunna O’Connell won later that year. There is also likely to be very low turnout on Election Day — we can probably win with 2,000 votes. Many of you have already been generous in your support, for which we are very grateful.

Todd and his campaign have done tons of work thus far, but we have a lot left to do to turn out enough of our voters to win next Tuesday. If we can pull this off, and I think we’re in great shape to do just that, it will be huge news: not only do we win another seat, but that victory would be just our second legislative win in Suffolk County in FORTY YEARS. Imagine the headlines!

To win, though, we need your help. Right now, we need THREE things:

1. In order to fully execute our GOTV plans, we could always use a bit more money. Your donation of $100, $50, $25, or even $15 would go a long way toward victory. You can donate online here donate online, or you can send a check to the Committee to Elect Todd Taylor, 45 Nichols St, Chelsea, MA 02150.

2. We also need volunteers. Whether you prefer to make phone calls or knock on doors, please email me or call me (617.866.0802). We will be focusing on door-knocking in Revere, and phone calls can be made from the MassVictory office in Stoneham (451 Main St, 2nd Fl.) or from home. We can use all the help we can get for the home stretch of the campaign! Every call made and door knocked is another step toward turning out the votes we need to win.

3. Related to #2, please share this with other Republicans you know in the area, especially if they’re in or around the Chelsea-Revere-Saugus area!

4. Last but certainly not least, we’ll also be using the FaceBank concept worked on by edfactor, where you can send direct messages to friends and friends of friends who live in the 16th Suffolk details.

Again, please feel free to get in touch by phone or email at any time. I’d be more than happy to talk about the campaign!

All best and many thanks,

~Michael Cowett

P.S. To elect another Republican to the House and produce headlines about GOP success in – gasp! – Suffolk County, please donate $100, $50, $25, or even $15 today, and let us know when you’ll be able to volunteer!

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