Tisei’s Convention Boycott is Dumb, Dumb, Dumb and Dumb

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Well friends, it looks like we have an early front runner in the race for the dumbest political move by a Massachusetts Republican in the 2014 election cycle.   Richard Tisei seems bent on throwing away one of the most promising opportunities for a US House seat in Massachusetts in quite some time.  Here we have an embattled Democrat incumbent in what is shaping up to be a Republican wave year.  So what happens?  The front runner for the GOP nomination decides to thumb his nose at the Massachusetts Republican Party.    http://www.bostonglobe.com/met…  What a dumb move on his part!

Here are just four reasons that Tisei’s snit over the platform is just plain dumb (three of which don’t have anything to do with gay marriage or abortion).

First, it takes the air out of what is going to be Charlie Baker’s big day.  Rather than talking about our nominees, our reform agenda and our great party members, the news cycle this evening was all about Richard Tisei’s hissy fit over the platform.  So will tomorrow’s press.  The media loves to highlight discord in the Republican ranks.  The Tisei story is like catnip for the MSM.  To date I had thought that Mr. Tisei and Mr. Baker had a cordial relationship.  Guess not.  This is no way for Mr. Tisei to repay his 2010 running mate and political benefactor.

Second, it shows that the Mass GOP is undisciplined.  Face it, we are the Detroit Lions of American politics.  We have great talent.  But we blow it over and over again with unforced errors.  What the party needs are leaders who are willing to keep those who carry our banner in line.  Look at the Dems.  Lynch goes off message on Obamacare.  In a flash John Walsh, the Mass Delegation and their union minders open a big old can of political whoopass on the Congressman.  Today Tisei stuck a finger in the eye of the Mass GOP.  What happens?  Nothing.  A more able chairman or gubernatorial nominee would have read Mr. Tisei the riot act.    

Third, it shows that Mr. Tisei is a hypocrite.  How many times have conservatives been told by those in the liberal wing of our party that conservatives should set aside ideological purity for the purposes of winning elections.  Most conservatives understand that it makes sense to support those with whom we may only agree 80 to 90 percent of the time versus ceding the election to those with whom we agree only 10 to 20 percent of the time.  A candidate may not be perfect.  But conservatives roll up our sleeves, open our wallets, and get to work.  For instance, I don’t agree with Mr. Tisei on every issue.  But I sent him $250 in 2012.  Willingness to go the distance and find common cause with those with whom one is in partial agreement should also apply to moderate Republicans.  If, as Mr. Tisei claims, he is in agreement with 90 percent of the GOP agenda, then it is his duty to get on board and support the collective good of his party.  If he expects compromise from the conservative wing of the party, then he should be willing to compromise himself.  

Fourth, it shows that Mr. Tisei has terrible political instincts.  Tisei claims that the marriage and abortion issues are the reason that young people are not voting for the GOP.  Wrong.  Very few young people rank gay marriage or abortion among the most important issues facing the country.  In Harvard University’s most recent survey of the Millennial generation, only 1 percent ranked abortion as the most important issue facing the nation and 0 percent said so for gay marriage.  http://www.iop.harvard.edu/sur…  And on the abortion issue, a mere 24 percent of those under the age of 29 agree with the ‘abortion is all circumstances’ position of the Democratic party and Mr. Tisei.    http://www.gallup.com/poll/126…  

So there you have it.  Four reasons that Tisei’s move was just plain dumb.  The floor is open for commentary.

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