Tisei should Boycott GOP Money.

Richard Tisei is so left wing, he is now boycotting a Republican State Convention where Charlie Baker will receive around 90% of the vote. Why? Because of a party platform that doesn’t even mention gays? Has he ever read the National Party Platform? It’s far more conservative than the MassGOP one.

I seriously doubt he will boycott the millions of dollars of GOP federal money he has taken over the last 3 elections cycles.

If Tisei is truly boycotting the MassGOP, he need to also boycott the National GOP and the money that comes from both organizations.  Tisei needs to refuse all financial help from the National Republican Party, The Massachusetts Republican Party, The Congressional Committee, Mass Victory and all Republican coordinated efforts.

If he does not, he is a hypocrite.  Always demanding to take, never offering to give.


This is no big shock from Tisei. After all, he’s the same guy who said “Gov. Romney was a disaster we’re all still trying to recover from.” while Mitt was still serving as Governor.  We don’t need to blindly sacrifice our entire party for one big government, left wing, statist. He is certainly unwilling to compromise a single inch for any of us.

If he actually wins, what will he do then? Tisei is far to the left of Charlie Christ, Arlen Specter and Lincoln Chafee. What makes any Republican think he’ll actually stick around?

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