The Stage is Set… Convention Gavel an Hour Away

The calm before the storm.  

Image: Rob Eno, Red Mass Group (C)2014

Today over 2000 delegates, alternates and Republican activists will meet to select their candidate for Governor and US Senate.  

The convention will be gaveled in at 9:00 am and delegates are starting to filter in.  

Kirsten Hughes, Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Committtee remarked, “it is refreshing to see thousands of enthusiastic delegates ready to unite together on this special day that will sure leave a lasting legacy on Massachusetts politics.”  Hughes continued, “The energy is tangible in arena, and it is a direct result of the incredible strenght and dedication ofour candidates.  The momentum from today’s convention will carry them forward and help them build increasing support as they march towards victory in November.”

The day will be capped off at by voting for the gubernatorial nomination at around 1:45.  

Stay tuned to Red Mass Group for details throughout the day.

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