The joke that is ‘Global Warming’….!!

Global warming has become such a joke.  I was reading a Gallup poll today about people’s change in beliefs of global warming.  The report is here and it details how Americans now believe that global warming is exaggerated.  

Here is the money quote:

While political disagreements on the veracity and severity of global warming continue, a broad swath of Americans (60%) agree that most scientists believe global warming is occurring, with only 8% saying most scientists believe that global warming is not occurring. Still others, 29%, are unsure if a scientific consensus exists at all.

Think about what this is saying?  It is not asking if scientists believe in global warming.  It is asking the average American if they think scientists believe in global warming!  Who the hell cares if scientists believe in global warming?

The only thing that matters is whether or not there is global warming.  And clearly no global warming exists – or at least it hasn’t existed for nearly 18 years!  According to the scientific community!!!  Whether or not someone believes that someone else believes is irrelevant.  

Of course, nearly half (49%) of Democrats think the reports of global warming are underestimated.  

Democrats are most likely to say the seriousness of global warming is generally underestimated in the news, with about half (49%) saying so. Another 32% of Democrats believe reports about global warming are generally correct. Less than one-fifth (18%) find that the seriousness of global warming is generally exaggerated.

So when Ted Turner claims that humans will be cannibalizing each other in 10 years then half of Democrats think he is UNDERestimating the reports.  When Al Gore says ‘The earth has a fever’ Democrats really think the earth has a fever and a bad case of the flu and diarrhea.  When Barack Obama says it is the most important problem facing the world today then half of Democrats would say that it is really the worst problem facing the entire universe.

Liberalism is an illness.  The utterly unfounded hysteria in global warming is a symptom of that illness.  The same way that a raccoon will froth at the mouth when infected with rabies – so too will a person when infected with liberalism.  They froth at the mouth… They rant and rave of unknown things.  They say things like ‘The earth has a fever! ‘ while we have no measurable increase in temperature for 17 years.  They claim we will turn to cannibalism if the temperature goes up a quarter of a degree.  It is hysteria and illness that infects their minds.  

So what is next?  A study to find out whether or not people believe that scientists believe that Americans believe that their Congressman believes in global warming?  Global warming has become such a joke that even the studies are a joke.  

Oh yeah, by the way, snow is in the forecast for next week……

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