Thank You Alice Peisch for Kicking Sonia Chang-Diaz out of the School House Door

Sonia Chang-Diaz continues to stand in the school house door.  Continues to stand between minority children and a quality education.  Through grandstanding and parliamentary procedures she tried her best to kill charter school expansion in the Commonwealth.  

State Representative Alice Peisch (D-Wellesley), the co-chair of the Joint Committee on Education, came up with a plan that effectively threw Chang-Diaz from the door.  State House News has the story.

Peisch said the new bill contains many of elements that were being considered by the committee, but is silent on reimbursement funding. The bill contains increased flexibility for certain underperforming school districts and a “modest” enrollment cap increase for charter schools in the lowest performing districts.

The financial impacts on traditional public schools if the cap on charter school enrollment is raised has been cited as a reason for the impasse between charter school advocates and those with concerns about allowing any additional charter seats located in districts labeled as underperforming by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The House vote effectively moves the issue out of the Education Committee, which was unable to agree on a bill after months of talks and in the face of a biennial reporting deadline. The Peisch bill is now being considered by the House Ways and Means Committee. Peisch informed Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, the Senate Education Committee co-chair, that she was filing her own version of the bill, known as act to improve student achievement.

“The subject matter of this bill, I think was too important, to die by using procedural rules and not allowing the bill to advance so there could be a full debate in the Legislature,” Peisch told the News Service Wednesday.

Speaker DeLeo is adamant about bringing the bill up for a vote of the full House.  

Your pressure in this election year has worked. Keep it up.

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